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Dear Wafu 和風 Italian,

Influenced by the original 1950s concept at a Tokyo restaurant, Kabenoana – meaning “hole in the wall” – we brought Wafu Italian to you in New York, Miami, and Los Angeles as pastaRAMEN, an invite-only omakase meal in luxe and elusive pop-up settings. Now that we have shown pastaRamen off to the country, we are thrilled to reintroduce the concept as an elegant Italian ramen shop in the streets of Montclair, New Jersey.

pastaRAMEN, the first-ever Italian ramen shop, is a perfect marriage of Japanese and Italian culture and cuisine. Sensational and sacred, it blends meticulous techniques and deep flavors for an umami-rich taste, as strong as the love for an Italian grandmother's rustic cooking.

Our James Beard Nominated Rising Star Chef, Robbie Felice, is dedicated to quality ingredients and traditional techniques. He invites you to imagine dining in Japan at an Italian restaurant, where a Japanese chef prepares each inspired dish. This is the essence of Wafu (和風) – celebrating Japanese-style Italian cuisine.

Wafu Italian is the next big thing, and yes, it’s going to leave you speechless.